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Incarnation: 6

More seriously this time, though not that serious to begin with...

This is the sixth incarnation of The Num Num on the net. All previous incarnations exist on the net, somewhere!

Prior to the characterisation of this information as The Num Num, the information existed in various guises. An old character disguise still exists, hidden away on the internet.

The very first incarnation, uploaded via raw ftp, proven via Mosaic, and hosted on servers that, ahem, didn’t really have that intention in mind, became the most visited url in the server farm and has now alas gone. May its ‘stolen’ name, very popular now around the world, enjoy much happiness and use. Those who know, know who premiered the concept, those who know, understand where the concept of such 'links' came from. Mmmm.

The Num Num now focuses on Internet-freedom, Philosophy in the modern human mind, IT Geek and Gadgets that waste our hard earnt money, and a few personal rants and raves. The blog is where its at, and you can find that here.

If I close my mind in fear - please pry it open
And if my face becomes sincere - beware
And when I start to come undone - stich me together
And when you see me strut
Remind me of what left this outlaw torn...
If you are wondering why the colour of the text is so pale, well its to do with the fact that this is almost an inverse of one of the various incarnations. Black on white is not always fabulous - so much so that my fountain pen ink is blue-black when its not a bird-like colour. Curious.

tnn - [sep 08]


Weekly musings from a confused mind. The Num Num has been online since the early 90s, always speaking his mind, and always rambling about something or another. The website has always changed, sometimes yearly, sometimes every 5 years. This version to match the new philosophy - simple, clear, crisp and uncluttered. Enjoy.

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